Growing in the Spirit, Day by Day

(by Fr. Dennis Berry, S.T.)

Introduction, Sept. 2014

Lesson 1 , Fire on the Earth

Lesson 2, The Cenacle Story

  Lesson 3, The Missionary Cenacle Family

 Lesson 4, The Apostolic Heart

  Lesson 5, The Apostolic Spirit

 Lesson 6, The Rule of Life, Part 1

Lesson 7, The Rule of Life, Part 2

 Lesson 8, The Providence of God

    Lesson 9, The Mystery of the Holy Trinity

Lesson 10, The Incarnation    

 Lesson 11, The Eucharist  

Lesson 12, The Holy Spirit and The Church

Lesson 13, The Cenacle Virtues  

  Lesson 14, Apostolic Prayer

 Lesson 15, The Cross

Lesson 16, The Christian Community

Lesson 17, Fire in Our Hearts

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