The Missionary Cenacle Apostolate, the lay branch of the Missionary Cenacle.


Our Beginning

The Missionary Cenacle owes its origin to the zeal and compassionate heart of a young priest, Thomas Augustine Judge, C.M., born in Boston, Massachusetts, on August 23, 1868, and ordained in the Congregation of the Mission (Vincentians) on May 27, 1899.

Father Judge, after deep, persevering prayer, looked for signs from the Holy Spirit as to how he could respond to the needs of the Church in his time.  One of his ideas was to begin a lay movement of committed Catholics.  This would become known as the Missionary Cenacle Apostolate.


“My faith was always important.  With the MCA, my faith became strong.” — Cary S.

The MCA Difference


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If you feel like God is calling you to take your faith to another level, the MCA may be for you.  Let us help you in the process of discerning how the MCA can make a difference in your life.  Learn More →